Transcript of Introductory Video for the Organizational Systems Competency

Organizational Systems. How can we as nurses promote quality care for older adults by working within and across organizational systems? One way is by participating in interdisciplinary teams.

Yesterday, I participated in an interdisciplinary team care conference for one of my older adult relatives. Six disciplines attended: social work, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dietary, and recreational therapy. The nurse led the care conference. The team worked as a unit. I was really impressed.

You can learn to be a member or a leader of an interdisciplinary team. The learning activities for this organizational systems competency include a geriatric interdisciplinary team training program.

In addition to its focus on interdisciplinary teams, this competency also looks at the transitions that older adults experience between health care settings.

Have you known an older adult who went from home to a hospital? How did the transition go? Or perhaps you know an older adult who went from nursing home to hospital and back again, or from one unit to another in the hospital. Did the information that was necessary follow the older adult through all these transitions? 

Did maybe the older adult lose dentures or eyeglasses in the process? If so, you might be very interested in the fanny pack strategy that you will find in the learning activities for this organizational systems competency. Photograph of narrator holding a fanny pack


We also have some drag and drop puzzles for you.  Photograph of narrator holding a computer mouse So limber up your computer mouse! 

Find out about resident councils. And be sure to listen to the clinical story to find out what happened to Mrs. Morton when she was transferred across six health care settings within two months.

To view this video, use this video link.

Narrated by L. Felver, Ph.D., R.N.

Organizational Systems Competency Learning Activities

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