Transcript of Introductory Video for the Maximizing Function Competency


Photograph of narrator with her arms full of assistive devices such as adapted toothbrushes and spoons and daily medication boxes   Maximizing function. I'm standing here with my arms full of assistive devices to remind us that assistive devices can optimize person-environment fit, maximize function, help people remain in their chosen environment.
You may wonder why I have a washcloth wrapped around the handle of this toothbrush. Well, check out the learning activities and you'll find how useful that can be for many older adults. Photograph of narrator holding a toothbrush with a washcloth wrapped and secured around the handle


Oh, I dropped something! But no matter, I'll get my reacher.  Photograph of narrator with a long-handled gripping device (the reacher) that she has used to retrieve the toothbrush she dropped A reacher is an extremely useful assistive device for older adults who have limited mobility.

In addition to looking at assistive devices to maximize function, this competency looks at home modifications for aging in place. Attention then turns to managing challenging behaviors, restraint free care, and lastly, assisting caregivers -- family members or other caregivers -- who assist older adults who live at home.

To view this video, use this video link.

Narrated by L. Felver, Ph.D., R.N.

Maximizing Function Competency Learning Activities

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