Case Study: Rosa Martinez

Adapting Care Competency

Mrs. Rosa Martinez is a 70-year-old cognitively intact woman who has recently become totally bed-bound due to advanced stages of multiple sclerosis. For the past year, she has lived with her daughter Inez and her husband, who have three teenagers and two grandchildren also living at home. Inez provides all of her motherís care. She called the clinic yesterday, stating that her mother is not eating or drinking very well and appears to be confused.

Drawing of a wheelchair  Since Mrs. Martinez requires wheelchair transportation to and from the clinic, a referral has been made for a home health nurse to assess her condition. 

During your first home visit, you notice that Mrs. Martinez has some very red areas on her heels, hips, and elbows. Inez states that her mother does not like water. You see several bottles of what appear to be herbal preparations on the bedside table. Drawing of bottles of herbal preparations


You may find the following resource useful as you assess and plan care for Mrs. Martinez:

Curriculum in Ethnogeriatrics

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