Case Study: George Griffin

Adapting Care Competency

Mr. George Griffin is a 75-year-old retired plumber who lives alone in a single-story house that has been his home for 45 years. 

Drawing of a yellow rose He is cognitively intact and proud of the fact that he can remember the botanical names and history of each one of his seventeen prize-winning rosebushes. Drawing of a pink rose Drawing of a purple rose Drawing of a light pink rose Drawing of a red rose

Mr. Griffin has osteoarthritis in his hips and his hands. After he fell while working in his yard, he had hip replacement surgery. He then spent 2 weeks in a rehabilitation center, from which he was discharged 2 days ago. He was eager to get home and putter around the house and yard. Drawing of a peach-colored rose Most especially, he has been looking forward to tending to his roses, which have been cared for in his absence by a member of his garden club.

Mr. Griffin wants to maintain the highest level of independence he can. He is reluctant to have a person help him with activities of daily living. However, the reduced range of motion and pain related to severe osteoarthritis in his hands is beginning to affect his activities of daily living. He is experiencing some difficulty with dressing and cooking.

The osteoarthritis in his fingers is also beginning to cause him difficulty with opening his medication bottles. His medications include the following: 

  • propoxyphene (Darvon) prescription for pain
  • celecoxib (Celebrex) prescription for osteoarthritis
  • hydrochlorothiazide prescription for hypertension
  • ibuprofen (Advil) over-the-counter for pain
  • senna, over-the-counter for constipation
  • gingko biloba for tinnitus
  • aloe vera lotion for chapped hands. 
 Drawing of capsules and pills

A home health referral was ordered, to follow up on his surgical recovery. This is your agencys first home visit.

Developed by C. Van Son and L. Felver; Revised 2011

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