Competency Development and Evaluation
for Health Professionals and Others 
who Work with Older Adults
Linda Felver and Catherine Van Son

The materials on this website were created for people who work with or plan to work with older adults but may not have had specific education in gerontology or geriatrics.

This website contains multiple learning activities designed to assist you to develop and evaluate competencies for working with older adults.

Subject Index

Use the subject index to find resources on a specific topic, such as driving, polypharmacy, or dementia.

Teaching Tools Index

Use the teaching tool index to find videos, audio clinical stories, puzzles, evidence-based assessment tools, and other materials ready for you to use in teaching and learning.

Competencies Menu

Nine competencies have been developed to assist and structure your learning. Three of them focus on individual older adults, three on older adults and caregiver issues, the last three focus on older adults and system issues.

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